Dojo PHP no #guma10anos

Dia 4 de abril de 2014 ocorreu mais um evento do GUMA, sendo este especial pelo fato do mesmo estar completando 10 anos de existência, então o evento todo foi em ritmo de festa e comemorações.

Eu e o Guilherme Lacerda conduzimos um Dojo de PHP para a galera treinar um pouco de TDD, OO, comunicação e trabalho em equipe.

Abaixo seguem algumas fotos, bem como link para os slides e repositório com código fonte da solução para o problema proposto (Cifra de César).

Slides Repositório





PHP Brazilian Conference (2008) – Lecture Descriptions

Short Descriptions of Presentations – PHP Conference Brazil 2008

Christopher Jones, from Oracle, asked me to put a brief description of lectures in English on the blog.  Below follows a summary of both presentations. See the original post here.

Presentation 1 – Coding Standards and Refactoring with PHP

In this presentation held in PHP Conference Brazil 2008, I showed it is possible to develop PHP code with quality, focusing on best practices standards and refactoring techniques of code.  For this, equivalent tools which have existed for some time in technologies like Java and .NET can be also used for PHP.  These tools are:

PHP Tool                           Java Equivalent

PHPUnit                                  JUnit
PHP Code Sniffer                  CheckStyle
PHPUnit PMD/CPD               PMD/CPD
PHPUnit Code Coverage     Cobertura
IDE Eclipse PDT                    IDE Eclipse
PHPDocumentor                    JavaDoc
Apache ANT                           Apache ANT
phpUnderControl                    CruiseControl

In addition to the techniques demonstrated, I discussed values and practices of Agile Software Methodologies, with a focus on LeanSCRUM and XP. It’s been very interesting to see the public receptivity for Agile Methodologies and PHP.

Presentation 2 – Applying Patterns of Enterprise Architecture with PHP

PHP is a language known for developing programs more focused on the WEB.  People are used to hearing about in PHP for development of WEB sites. Soon development of enterprise applications using PHP comes. In this presentation, I gave concepts of Software Architectures, Design Patterns, SOA, Web Services and Enterprise Applications. In addition to these concepts, I also showed the types of Enterprise Patterns used in most applications (also involving other technologies like Java and .NET). After this introduction, the content was directed to patterns of architecture and enterprise applications addressed by Martin Fowler. In the end, I showed a case study of a corporate application developed in PHP, using a set of patterns of architecture.